Monday, August 21, 2006


Hey everyone!! You can now order The Possum #1, and Possum T Shirts online! Go to, and click on the store link. Also for sale is SPY GUY: Minis, and SPY GUY: Bootleg, by my brother Mike Kitchen! You can get the whole bunch for a special $10.00 value pack rate, which includes a comic my brother did with a friend back before they went to college, thrown in for nothing. It includes a pin up I did when I was in highschool, which is quite embarassing......... good blackmail material! Don't forget to check out Mike's blog as well.

The Possum Press site, is still pretty bare bones, but it gets the job done. I will be adding to it when I can, so keep checking in.

P.S. Let me know what you think! Any suggestions, or feedback on any of this stuff (website, prices, art, anything), would be greatfully received (good or bad). There is a lot of decisions that go into all of this stuff, and I want to be sure I'm making the right ones. Thanks!


Blogger Arzu said...

I admire your passion and effort.

11:57 PM  
Blogger Blair Kitchen said...

thanks arezoo. Sometimes it's hard to keep motivated, so thanks for the encouragement!

9:36 AM  

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